Why Estate Meet ???

We have contacts with various builders & known of various projects. So we assure you a good quality, correct price along with clear title. We guarantee our clients that we will find them the best real estate opportunity available. We offer One Stop Services for your convenience. Customer services & their satisfaction are our top priorities.

One Stop Services :

Property Assistance

Kalpesh Bramhecha

(B.E.(Civil) | Exp. 5+ Years)

We assist you to find a best property available as per your requirement. We deal in buying, selling, renting or leasing of property. We assure you to provide timely & affordable services.

Chartered Accountant Service

Pankaj Surana

(Chartered Accountant | Exp. 15+ Years)

Are you looking for tax planning opportunities? We have in our team a experience Chartered Accountant who will guide you for your investment, accounts, finance & taxation matters. Additionally our professionals provide affordable services.

Legal Advisor

S. D. Aware

(B.S.L., L.L.B. | Exp. 18+ Years)

We take care of legal matters concerning your property. We have in our team an experienced advocate who assists clients, for property documentations, property litigations, & clear title property. Further more all our services are reasonable.

Vastu Consultant

Amit Surana

(Ph.D.(Vastu Science) | Exp. 6+ Years)

We think for your goodness and try to save you from bad omen. Vastu is your best support when you look for peaceful environment. Our vastu experts are well trained and have great experience in their fields. Moreover these services are affordable.

Home Loan Consultants

Finance should not become the hurdle to complete your dream house. We help you for acquiring loans for real estate operations. We help you to get loans at lower interest rate through trusted means.

Architectural Service

Do you have any different design & ideas for your house? We hire excellent architectures who have plans to shape your ideas. These professionals have designed incredible property across the city. Moreover these services are affordable.

Interior Designer

Alka Samota

(Dip.(Interior Design) | Exp. 5+ Years)

You need not have to search any outsiders to get your interiors done. We have in our team excellent interior decorators. You will get best interiors for your properties. Additionally our services are affordable to your pocket.